Innovation Development

In constant innovation Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. production line, the development is the main. Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. paid great attention and focused on customer requirements, each newly developed project. We will provide you with the best knowledge and collaboration of any product, our first class facilities and tools.

To obtain the ISO9001 quality system certification is not the ultimate goal, we have trained with regular quality engineers to examine the quality of the products, and have sophisticated equipment such as equipment, such as high frequency spectrum analysis machine, fatique machine, universal tensile testing machine etc .. In order to find the most products zero defect, we have to pursue each quality problem in the end. Strict quality assurance is the eternal standard of Lian Xiang hardware.

  • Scientific management

    Modern equipment
    the development of advanced

  • Advanced production

    Highly collaborative
    pursuing efficiency and

  • Accurate detection

    Precision instrument
    and equipment, detect 0

  • Quality first

    Quality problems in the end
    to prevent rectification

testing equipment
A variety of advanced precision testing instruments, to ensure the accuracy of the test results, to ensure product quality to meet customer requirements.and there are professional testing workers to ensure that test results.