Who we are

Zhejiang LianXiang hardware Science and Technology Co.Ltd. has been built for more than 25 years. We have been devoting ourselves in the products of brackets, channels, pipe support systems in the area of construction, electricity, new energy, petrochemical, mechanical engineering and other industries. 

We get various information from different industries, and then develop different kinds of brackets and pipe support products. Our brackets and pipe support system has different surfaces, like hot dip galvanizing, powder coating, sand washing, zinc plated, etc. Our patent products are combined with domestic project design, they can meet the world's latest requirements.

We hope to make everything easy, helping you find the best installation solution that you need!

How we test raw materials

Visual Inspection: To check for surface defects and irregularities.

Dimensional Measurements: To verify thickness, width, and weight against specifications.

Mechanical Testing: Including tensile strength, elongation, and yield strength to assess performance under stress.

Chemical Analysis: To confirm the composition aligns with the desired steel grade.

Customization is welcomed

Each mold is independently developed by our team, and we have already created thousands of customized molds for our clients. We welcome custom requests from every customer.

Automatic workshop

The automated workshop greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces human error, enhances production rates, and ensures consistent quality. 

As machines communicate and self-optimize, the traditional factory floor evolves into a symphony of precision and innovation. This shift not only revolutionizes production methods but also reshapes the workforce, demanding new skills and creating opportunities in tech-driven roles. 

Stamping equipment

The progressive tool stamping machine is a significant advancement of modern engineering, streamlining the manufacturing process with its multi-station approach. 

It allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks, such as cutting, bending, and punching, on a single piece of metal as it moves through the machine. This not only accelerates production times but also significantly reduces waste and labor costs. Its precision and efficiency make it indispensable for high-volume production, ensuring uniformity and quality. 

Truly, it’s a notable development in metalworking technology.

Cobot welding

With accuracy up to 0.1 mm, cobots ensure that each weld is identical, regardless of the number of times the task is performed.

Automating welding production has also helped us speed up production to shorten our lead times even further, ensured consistent quality, and improved safety. We are now able to complete the same job as much as four times faster and get parts out the door, and to where they’re needed, in much less time. Faster production equals shortened lead times!

Channel forming

We offer a number of standard shapes to choose from, but we are also very comfortable working with you on your custom designs and projects. We’re always happy to take a look at customer drawings and come up with a fast and accurate quote for fabrication of your custom project.

Corner of the laboratory

From raw materials to finished products, from finish to product properties, rigorous testing is carried out in this laboratory.