Use and installation of cassette nuts

Update:11 Jan 2020

As a kind of nut, a cassette nut is generally square in […]

As a kind of nut, a cassette nut is generally square in shape. Use a special tool to put it into a pre-punched square hole, and then draw the tool back to fix the cassette nut on a metal or other plate. Cassette nuts are generally high in strength and can be repeatedly disassembled and used, which has the advantages of rapid and convenient installation.
The cassette nut is suitable for electrical boxes, electrical cabinets, railways, vehicles, molds and other industries. For example, you need to install parts on a certain rack, and there are no internal threads on the rack. This time, it is suitable to use a cage nut. You only need to make a hole in the rack to lock the cage nut inside, and then tighten the parts to be installed. can.
It is also relatively simple to install, press in, and use two sides of the card to fix it on the board. Then other products can be assembled with the crown nut and the cage nut to complete the assembly. The floating nut is toothed on the outside, and a square nut is in the middle. The square nut is assembled in the middle by riveting and can move freely left and right, so it is called a floating nut. The advantage is that the installation deviation can be easily corrected and the screws can be fixed in place.
The cage nut has a high-strength thread tightening effect. It is placed into a pre-punched square hole with a special tool, and the tool is pulled back to fix it on a metal or other plate. The installation is quick and convenient, and it can be removed and repositioned. It can also be fixed at an angle. The cage nut is also called a square hole cage nut, and some people call it a floating nut. Then let's introduce how to install the nut.
Fasten one of the snap nuts of the cage nut to the mounting plate on the side of the square hole; then take the pull hook, pass the operating part of the hook through the square hole, and then pass the other clamp leg of the cage nut through the square hole and The mounting plate on the other side of the square hole wants to be snapped; finally, remove the hook and the cartridge nut is installed.
Note the following points during installation:
1. The cassette nut is clamped on the plate through the two sides of the spring clip.
2. There should be no burrs at the bends and edges of the cage nut to keep the surface smooth;