Technical conditions for comprehensive construction of hangers and hangers(1)

Update:06 Sep 2019

Everyone wants to know what are the technical condition […]

Everyone wants to know what are the technical conditions for the construction of the integrated hanger and hanger? Today, this issue is popularized for everyone. The indoor seismic mount of the installation project should be optimized and installed according to local conditions, so that the equipment, air duct, cable tray and various pipeline installations can achieve material saving, compact and beautiful layout, and the quality is firm and reliable, and provide for the arrangement of integrated pipelines. Favorable conditions.
And technically, it has the following conditions:
First of all, the calculation interval of the pipe rack can be set to 1.5 meters, 3.0 meters, and 6.0 meters.
First, the weight is determined
Equipment, air duct, cable tray, various pipe weight equipment, air duct self-weight reference equipment factory certificate and test report specific data; cable bridge weight refers to the "Hardware Manual" for calculation; all kinds of steel pipe weight, diameter DN15 ~ DN150 according to the national standard GB/T3092-93 "welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transmission" ordinary steel pipe, pipe diameter DN200 ~ DN500 according to the national standard GB8163-87 "conveying fluid seamless steel pipe" minimum wall thickness pipe weight calculation. The weight of the plastic pipe is 20mm - the pipe diameter is 315mm, which is calculated according to the national standard GB/T10002.1-1996 "hard PVC pipe for water supply".