Selection and setting of antivibration bracket

Update:23 Sep 2019

The location and type of seismic mounts have a very lar […]

The location and type of seismic mounts have a very large impact on the stress state of the established pipe system. There are two main aspects.
1. The stress distribution state of the piping system, the maximum stress value, the end point force of the piping system, and the moment are affected, because the load at the end of the piping system is transmitted to the equipment connected to the pipe end. Therefore, the support and hanger are properly installed to improve the stress distribution in the piping system and the end force and torque conditions. Therefore, the flexibility of the medical film tube system is not only affected by the shape of the tube system, but also by the position and type of the selected hanger.
2. The setting of the hanger is very flexible and the range of change is large. The choice of location, number and form of finished hangers varies from person to person. There are a variety of support and hanger settings for the same pipe system. Different settings will reflect different stress distributions, stress values ​​and end points. Therefore, in order to make the pipe system flexible enough when designing the pipe, in addition to paying attention to the pipe direction and shape, the position and type of the bracket are also very important.
3. Spacing: The distance between the support and hanger, especially the load-bearing support hanger of the horizontal pipeline, shall not exceed the allowable span of the pipeline to control the deflection without exceeding the limit. Generally, the pipelines allowed to be laid continuously shall be calculated according to the stiffness conditions when the three-span continuous beam is subjected to the uniform load, and the strength shall be checked according to the strength condition, and the small value determined by the span and the strength condition determined by the stiffness condition shall be small. .