Seismic bracket specification mandatory requirements(2)

Update:19 Jul 2019

Third, the electrical part (1) The important power faci […]

Third, the electrical part
(1) The important power facilities can be designed to improve seismic performance by 1 degree according to the intensity of the defense, but it will not increase when it is 8 degrees or more;
(2) For electric piping with an inner diameter of 60 mm or more and cable ladders, cable trough boxes and busway with a gravity of 150 N/m or more, seismic fortification shall be carried out;
(3) The shared antennas placed on the roof of the building shall be provided with safety precautions against falling and injuring people after damage to the equipment or its components due to earthquakes.
Fourth, the heating part
(1) The pipeline shall not pass through the anti-seismic joint. When it is necessary to pass through, a flexible pipe joint shall be installed on both sides of the anti-seismic joint or a "door" elbow or a telescopic joint shall be installed at the anti-seismic joint;
(2) The pipelines in the boiler room, refrigeration machine room and heat exchange station shall have reliable lateral and longitudinal seismic support. The multiple pipe joints and hangers or single pipe support hangers with pipe diameter ≥300mm should adopt the gate type anti-seismic support. Hanger
(3) For the air duct with rectangular cross-section area greater than or equal to 0.38m2 and circular diameter greater than or equal to 0.70m, anti-seismic support hangers may be used. The installation and design of air-damage anti-vibration support hangers shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 8 of this code.
(4) Anti-vibration air ducts, accident ventilation ducts and their equipment shall be equipped with anti-seismic support hangers.