Problems encountered with fasteners during maintenance

Update:29 Jun 2019

Although the fastener is a small part, it is an indispe […]

Although the fastener is a small part, it is an indispensable part in mechanical equipment and plays a very important role. Therefore, when using fasteners, we need regular maintenance, so as to ensure the safer use of fasteners, and can extend the service life of fasteners and improve the performance of mechanical equipment.
What problems often arise when we are repairing fasteners? There are three main problems:
1. When the fastener is quenched, the silicate cleaning agent should be used to clean the impurities, and then carefully rinsed to avoid residual impurities on the fastener, which affects its normal application.
2. After the fastener is tempered, its color may change. After the fastener is soaked in the ether for a period of time, oily substance will be produced. When this happens, the fastener is indicated. Not clean enough. After the analysis, it will be found that the stacking is not very reasonable when heating the fasteners, and the fasteners may have some small oxidation in the quenching oil.
3. If there is a white substance on the fastener, it is likely to be some phosphide. The reason for this phenomenon is that there is no cleaning with an acid cleaner, and it is not careful enough to check the rinsing tank.
If these problems are not handled in time, it will directly affect the performance of the fasteners, and may also lead to shortened service life of the fasteners, resulting in early damage of the fasteners. I hope that the above three major issues can help you make better use of fasteners.