Points for attention in seismic support during electrical construction

Update:26 Oct 2019

First. Conducting technical training for workers Under […]

First. Conducting technical training for workers
Under the premise of purchasing advanced anti-vibration bracket accessories and advanced electrical wiring installation equipment, it is very necessary to do technical training for the installers. Because the good quality of the project will directly affect the safe use and seismic performance of the future power, because the seismic bracket can effectively guarantee the seismic effect of the building, the correct installation technology of the installer will be beneficial to the seismic engineering.
Second, do a good job in line pre-burial
We all know the importance of seismic mounts for the normal operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, under the premise of rationally designing the installation position of seismic support hangers, we must also make requirements for the layout and installation of power lines to ensure that the various nodes of the seismic support device are complete and reasonable. Installation of power lines, do a good job of pre-burial of the line.
Third, to ensure the quality of construction
The anti-seismic bracket mainly transmits the seismic action to the building structure through the connection with the pedestal, and has a strong carrying capacity. Therefore, when designing the drawings, it should be reasonably arranged according to the layout of the building and the electrical circuit, and must be executable and reasonable. When installing directly, workers must strictly follow the design drawings to ensure the correct position of the seismic support to ensure the quality of the electrical wiring installation project.