Optimization principle of support and hanger in subway

Update:21 Jun 2019

1. Due to the narrow underground space of the subway pr […]

1. Due to the narrow underground space of the subway project, there are many kinds of electromechanical pipelines involved, such as ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, fire protection, spraying, communication, signal and many other professional pipelines. Due to the variety of pipeline functions, the construction methods are not the same. There are ducts, water supply and fire pipes, high-pressure water mist pipes, air-conditioning cold water pipes, line trunking, lighting, monitoring and other pipelines; Different requirements: such as strong electricity and weak electricity, pressure and no pressure, high pressure and low pressure, large and small tubes, parallel and cross, etc. If not unified and planned in advance, the conflicts of their professional pipelines will be accompanied by the whole process of construction.
2. When optimizing the integrated pipeline, the principle of avoidance that can be followed by multiple parties is formulated:
(1) All professional pipelines installed on the integrated support hangers are subject to “electricity, wind, and underwater, small pipes, large pipes, pressure pipes, no pressure pipes, weak electricity, strong electricity, and flexible pipes. The general principle of the pipeline, the pipe that does not need to be overhauled is the pipe that needs to be overhauled frequently, that is, the pipeline of the electrical equipment is located at the top when the pipeline is arranged in parallel, and the air duct of the ventilation and air conditioning is located at the lowermost layer of all the water pipes in the middle layer.
(2) Strong and weak electricity, high voltage and low voltage, strong and weak electricity and other pipelines should be in parallel direction according to their respective specifications; parallel and cross should be able to ensure the construction or mutual exchange of small distances required by the specification, if any Protection measures should be added when conflicting pipelines. Handling the interference and collision problems of various professional pipelines, and coordinating conflicts between air ducts, water pipes, cable trays, fire protection, water supply and drainage pipes, and communication and signal bridges.