Management Scheme of Urban Integrated Bracket System

Update:21 Apr 2020

The anti-seismic support comprehensive support can be s […]

The anti-seismic support comprehensive support can be said to be embedded channel steel for urban underground pipelines, pipelines, cable supports, etc. It has a certain intensity value, which can ensure that the user chooses to use it correctly, safely and conveniently. In addition, all channel steel members provide design loads to support professional calculation software to calculate the force, ensuring the safety of the system! Provide accurate and redundant loads for future expansion projects.
The integrated bracket system has embedded grooves, high-strength T-shaped connecting bolts, c-shaped channel steel, cantilever channel steel, channel steel fittings, and seismic components, etc., which are mechanically connected by bolts. There is no special residual stress in the contour of the embedded channel through the forging and rolling of the integrated bracket. Optimize the cross-sectional shape from a geometric point of view, especially for the dynamic load and high clamping force of the T-bolt.lx006
The city's comprehensive supporting supply plan should be implemented jointly with the land management department. Its main work is:
1. Based on the socio-economic development strategy and the overall layout of the city's comprehensive planning, Uri Electric analyzed the relevance and development trends of urban land use in the urban economy and population development, and combined with the construction stage of the city's overall plan, established a recent Overall structure and total land supply planning.
2. According to the recent construction plan of the city, the development of a market economy can be based on various situations and formulate corresponding policies, combined with detailed planning of control. It does not include the annual plan for land supply and is linked to the medium-term plan.
3. According to the annual planning of urban underground comprehensive support, pipeline and cable support supply, analyze and predict the future development trend of real estate and its demand for various land uses, and put forward the proportion of supply of various blocks in the annual land supply plan Local adjustment.
4. Comprehensive factors, detailed analysis of recent development areas, preliminary determination of transfer prices, determination of sales opportunities in important locations, and adjustment of supply in the implementation plan, lagging adjustment of transfer prices, and supply of small elastic prices to promote the supply relationship in the land market.