Introduction of truss, u-bolt and bridge deck

Update:08 May 2020

U-shaped bolt, which is a riding bolt. The English name […]

U-shaped bolt, which is a riding bolt. The English name of the riding bolt is U-bolt. It is a non-standard part. The shape is U-shaped, so it is also called U-shaped bolt. Or a sheet-like object, such as the leaf spring of a car, is called a riding bolt because it fixes objects like a person riding a horse.
The u-type is generally used in cargo vehicles, it is used to stabilize the car site and frame. For example, leaf springs are connected by u-bolts.
U-shaped bolts are widely used, the main purposes: construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicles and ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc. Main shapes: semicircle, square right angle, triangle, diagonal triangle, etc.
Basic Information:
1. Material properties Density, bending strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, temperature resistance, color are determined according to the use environment.
2. Materials commonly used are carbon steel Q235A Q345B alloy steel stainless steel, etc. The stainless steel materials are 201 304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L.
3. National standard for u-bolt: JB / ZQ4321-1997

Bridge panel: (qiao mian ban) deck slab
It is also known as the traffic lane plate, which is a load-bearing structure that directly bears the wheel pressure of the vehicle.
In structure, it is usually integrally connected with the beam ribs and diaphragms of the main beam, so that it can not only transfer the vehicle to the main beam, but also form an integral part of the main beam section, and ensure the overall role of the main beam. Bridge decks are generally made of reinforced concrete, and lateral prestress can be applied.
A truss is a structure formed by connecting several rods to each other at their ends. In industrial and civil buildings, some roof frames, brackets and crane beams with large spans and tonnages are often used.
The members of the truss have different names according to their location. The upper horizontal bar is called the upper chord, and the lower horizontal bar is called the lower chord. The bar between the upper and lower chords is called a web rod, where the diagonal rod connecting the upper and lower chords is called a diagonal rod, and the vertical rod connecting the upper and lower chords is called a vertical rod.