Introduction of the advantages of cassette nuts

Update:10 Feb 2020

The cage nut has a high-strength thread tightening effe […]

The cage nut has a high-strength thread tightening effect. It is placed into a pre-punched square hole with a special tool, and the tool is pulled back to fix it on a metal or other plate. The installation is quick and convenient, and it can be removed and repositioned. It can also be fixed at an angle. The cage nut is also called a square hole cage nut, and some people call it a floating nut. The name is different, but it is a special nut. Its shape is a square nut in a square box. The square nut is through-hole and threaded.
The advantages of cassette nuts are introduced:
1. Install from only one side of the board, suitable for rail and site assembly;
2. With high carrying capacity. The advantages of the high load capacity of stainless steel cage nuts make it applicable to many occasions.
3. High strength: The cage nut has the advantage of high strength, the common cage nut has this advantage, and the stainless steel cage nut is even more. The advantage of high strength is that it is not easy to be damaged, can be disassembled repeatedly, and it is not easy to slip.
4. The cassette nut has the advantage of not being easy to rust, which greatly increases its service life.