Introduction of support accessories

Update:27 Apr 2019

Template support frame. The existing formwork support f […]

Template support frame. The existing formwork support frame is mostly made of wooden bar or iron pipe, and its height is not adjustable due to its size limitation. In order to solve the above problem, the template support frame comprises a telescopic sleeve, a screw threaded rod, a threaded seat and a bolt, and the threaded seat is sleeved or plugged and circumferentially slidably fitted to the end of the telescopic sleeve; the screw and the threaded through hole at the center of the threaded seat are mutually The tube wall of the telescopic sleeve is provided with a plurality of longitudinally distributed through holes, and the inner diameter of the through hole is larger than the outer diameter of the bolt. After adopting the above scheme, the telescopic sleeve and the through hole and the pin are first-stage expansion and contraction, and the height can be coarsely adjusted by the cooperation of the three; the screw and the threaded seat are two-stage expansion and contraction, and the two can be finely adjusted. height. Because of its height adjustable, it adapts to various geomorphological requirements; when the foundation is soft and sinks, the height of the template and its inner raft can be readjusted by simply turning the threaded seat. It is widely used in the pouring of various concretes under different landforms and geological conditions.
The formwork support system consists of three series: top plate formwork support structure, frame column formwork support combination structure and shear wall formwork support combination structure. The three sets of systems are flexible and tightly structured, and can be designed and configured according to the different requirements of customers' projects.
Energy saving, material saving, saving, guaranteeing project quality, improving construction efficiency, etc., “using steel to replace wood” is used more than 300 times, saving more than 70 yuan per m2, high strength, good concrete pouring quality, ensuring vertical wall Degree and flatness can achieve the effect of clear water concrete without secondary plastering, completely solve the many problems that the conventional formwork support system has plagued China's construction industry for many years, and implement the basic national policy of energy saving and emission reduction.