How to install a cage nut

Update:20 Dec 2019

CN (CNS) series of cage nuts have high-strength thread […]

CN (CNS) series of cage nuts have high-strength thread tightening effect. Use special tools to put them into the pre-punched square holes, and then withdraw the tools to fix them on metal or other plates. It can be relocated and relocated, or it can be fixed at an angle. The cage nut is also called a square hole cage nut, and some people call it a floating nut. It's called differently, but it's a special nut. Its shape is a square nut in a square box. The square nut is through-hole and threaded. It has the following two characteristics:
1. Install from only one side of the sheet, suitable for rail and site assembly; there are also some enterprise products in the sheet metal industry, such as cabinets, chassis, controllers, etc.
2. With high bearing capacity.
Its application technical guidelines include the following two points:
1. Editing of application technical guide 1. There are two kinds of product housing materials: 65m (CN) stainless steel (CNS), nut material is medium carbon steel, surface treatment color: blue and white zinc, color zinc, bright nickel, for customers to choose.
2. Select the size according to the thickness of the plate used, corresponding to the punching size of the plate. Please specify for special specifications.