Features of fastener gas phase rust prevention technology

Update:05 Jul 2019

Vapor phase inhibitor (VPI), also known as volatile cor […]

Vapor phase inhibitor (VPI), also known as volatile corrosion inhibitor, referred to as gas phase rust inhibitor, is a kind of anti-corrosion chemistry that can automatically volatilize gas on the surface of metal at normal temperature to prevent metal corrosion. Product. Today, the development of threaded fasteners emphasizes quality more than in the past. How to solve the rust prevention problem of metal threaded fasteners from production to assembly has also received more and more attention.
Gas phase anti-rust technology features:
The practical application forms of gas phase anti-rust technology are various. According to the needs of actual use, gas phase anti-rust paper, gas phase anti-rust air foam, gas phase anti-rust powder and other products are widely used. Its main features are: (1) it does not need to be in contact with metal threaded fasteners to protect against rust; (2) it has anti-rust protection for all parts of exposed metal fasteners in the entire packaging space, and the anti-rust effect is not affected. The influence of size and shape; (3) The packaging and unpacking process is simple and easy, without special equipment or technology, and the operation efficiency is high; (4) The rust-proof period is longer for 1-5 years; (5) The surface of the threaded fastener can be kept clean, suitable for The need for modern cleaner production.