Anti-vibration support hanger combined component advantage (2)

Update:19 Oct 2019

4. Anti-vibration support hangers have fast installatio […]

4. Anti-vibration support hangers have fast installation speed and short construction period
The boom and crossarm are the manufacturer's fixed-size products. They can be assembled according to the deepened integrated pipeline diagram, and the installation speed is 6~8 times that of the traditional method. All professions and types of work can be cross-worked to improve work efficiency and shorten the construction period.
5. Anti-vibration support hanger has long service life and convenient maintenance in later period
According to the special needs of the environment and different parts, the materials for different processes are electro-galvanized (cold galvanizing), hot-dip galvanizing and powder galvanizing coating (spraying). The material has strong anti-corrosion and long service life.
6. Anti-seismic support and hanger material budget
The products are standardized semi-finished products, the type identification is clear, and the management of the standard, the waste and loss of materials and accessories are rare.
7. Anti-vibration support hangers with excellent quality assurance
The components are qualified products of the manufacturer and conform to ISO9000 and ISO9002 standards to ensure the integrity of the whole system and the stability of the hangers.