Anti-vibration support hanger combined component advantage (1)

Update:12 Oct 2019

1. No welding and drilling required The anti-seismic br […]

1. No welding and drilling required
The anti-seismic bracket can utilize the component assembly combination, which can be easily adjusted and adjusted, can be reused, and can reserve a certain space for the expansion of the pipeline in the future, and the waste is minimal.
2. The anti-seismic support hangers are well coordinated to ensure the indoor ceiling space elevation
With good compatibility, each professional can share a hanger; make full use of space, so that the professional management of the bundle can be well coordinated, achieve space and resource sharing, improve the utilization of limited space, thus ensuring the elevation of the equipment area corridor It solves the problem of the elevation of the elevation and the maintenance of the access channel.
3. Anti-seismic support hangers are reliable and stable
Complete design scheme and construction atlas, all the force components - steel and fasteners (with locking serrations) can achieve the rigid fit of the assembled components, without displacement, stepless adjustment and precise positioning. Anti-impact and vibration, enhance the shear resistance of the joints. The base and the structural top plate are connected by anchor bolts, and the non-destructive drawing strength is twice that of the expansion bolts.