Anti-vibration brackets and their convenience

Update:05 Aug 2019

The use of seismic supports can greatly improve the sei […]

The use of seismic supports can greatly improve the seismic level of the building structure, and at the same time, the layout of the building with concentrated pipelines and narrow space is more neat and beautiful. Let's talk more about the convenience that the seismic mount can bring.
First, saving investment
The reduction of the support and hanger reduces the amount of steel used and effectively saves costs.
Second, the construction is simple
Because the air conditioning water system, the air conditioning air system, the fire leveling supervisor, the strong and weak electric bridge, the same hanger can be used, and the brackets have been arranged and installed before construction. The complicated process of inserting and installing the hangers is eliminated, and the work efficiency is improved.
Third, the effective use of space
The integrated horizontal and horizontal technology is arranged in a limited space, and simultaneously satisfies various pipelines, so that the pipelines are arranged neatly and orderly, does not affect the normal use between each other, and is more conducive to maintenance and repair between pipelines.
Fourth, the pipeline layout can be clear
The reduction of the hangers and the uniform and reasonable arrangement of the integrated support hangers make the pipelines look clear and there is no sense of disorder.
Fifth, effective control of the elevation
Under the premise of the arrangement, the compression space can effectively control the elevation.