Analysis of precautions and instructions for assembled seismic mounts(1)

Update:16 Aug 2019

The assembled seismic mount is placed in the pipeline s […]

The assembled seismic mount is placed in the pipeline system to play an important role in bearing pipeline loads, limiting pipeline displacement and controlling pipeline vibration. At the same time, the support and hanger configuration directly affects the gravitational distribution and size of the pipe system. The performance of the support and the reasonable bearing capacity directly affect the service life and safe operation of the pipeline.
Due to the problems of superconducting automatic explosion-proof door composite insulators during the design and installation process, the shape and position of the pipeline and the performance of components such as the support hanger spring may change after a period of operation. Problems such as damage to the hanger and hanger, overload, underload, and displacement are caused, resulting in increased ball screw stress in the local area of ​​the pipe and increased thrust on the end point (or equipment). The emergence of these problems will inevitably affect the safety and economy of equipment operation.
The assembled brackets have not been systematically inspected, analyzed and adjusted for the stress state and operation of the main pipeline support hangers. In order to solve the problems in the design, installation and operation of the pipeline support and hanger, the hidden dangers of the safe operation of the unit caused by the unreasonable force of the support and hanger are eliminated, and there are many hidden dangers affecting the life and safe operation of the pipeline. We inspect and analyze the main steam clay stabilizer acidizing corrosion inhibitor, the reheating steam, the high pressure bypass valve and the low pressure bypass valve front pipe hanger and hanger, in order to improve the operation of the pipeline and the support and hanger. To achieve the purpose of equipment safety and economic operation.