About the characteristics of the support frame

Update:13 Apr 2020

The support frame is very important for the building, e […]

The support frame is very important for the building, especially the Beret Bridge building.
The formwork support system is composed of three series: roof formwork supporting combined structure, frame column formwork supporting combined structure, and shear wall formwork supporting combined structure. The three sets of systems are flexible in combination and tight in structure, and can be designed and configured according to different requirements of customers' various projects.
Energy-saving, material-saving, cost-saving, ensuring project quality, improving construction efficiency and other advantages, "replace wood with steel" more than 300 times, saving more than 70 yuan per square meter, high strength, good quality of concrete pouring, and ensuring vertical wall The degree of smoothness and smoothness can achieve the effect of fair-faced concrete without secondary plastering, completely solving the many problems that the conventional formwork support system has plagued China's construction industry for many years, and implemented the basic national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Features of building support frame:
Features 1: The tight and flexible connection of the keel not only makes the operation simple and easy, but also has a stable structure;
Features 2: The freely retractable keel allows you to adapt to any size at will;
Features 3: The clever connection of the column and the keel is not only simple but also more robust .;
Features 4: The lightness of the tie rods not only saves material, but also is more flexible and firm, and the flexibility of the fasteners is absolutely unique;
Features 5: Compared with wooden beams, the building structure is more precise and firm;
Feature 6: Make the construction site beautiful and clean, greatly improve the corporate image, and demonstrate the company's strength;
Features 7: Save labor, materials, time, and safety;
Feature 8: No wood is used, and the product can be reused, which greatly reduces the construction cost.
The support frame is like the roof beam of a home. Without it, the home will not be able to support it.